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Angled view of the Mess Hall with the polished concrete floors and ash double doors
Front view of Eureka Veterans Memorial Building

Mess Hall

At the basement level is a dining/mess hall with polished concrete floors and ash double doors. New ash cabinetry and counters providing ease of food service to the dining area were fabricated. Originally on the north side of the Mess Hall was a sunken handball court, later used for storage. The area had an ongoing groundwater leak. The floor level was raised and drainage added to eliminate the moisture problem. This space now functions as a mechanical area housing new HVAC equipment. Adjacent to the dining area is an added ADA-compliant commercial kitchen. Hallway seating was added at the Mess Hall’s exit.


Mess Hall

Hall Information

  • Capacity: 200 people

  • Area: 3000 S.F.

  • Polished Concrete Floors

  • New Ash Cabinetry

  • Adjacent to the ADA-Compliant Commercial Kitchen

  • Tables and chairs may be included with rental upon request

"Mess Hall" signage above the entrance



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