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View of the Upstairs Bar with the tiled flooring, large windows, and wooden bar.
Front view of Eureka Veterans Memorial Building

Upstairs Bar

Originally on the south end of the lobby was the Men’s Lounge connecting to a billiard and card room. This area of the building has been reconfigured to provide a new accessible entrance and egress route. New to the building is an elevator which provides access to all three levels of the building. The lounge remains with the restored back bar cabinetry and mirror relocated from the basement bar, a new accessible front bar and restored light fixtures. The intricate tiled drinking fountains now located in the Lounge and the new accessible entryway are both original. During renovation, the fountains were removed from hallways and preserved. New concrete shear walls were inserted into the wall cavities where the recessed drinking fountains were, necessitating their relocation.

About The

Upstairs Bar

Hall Information

  • Capacity: 20 people

  • Intricately Tiled Drinking Fountains

  • Restored Back Bar

  • Accessible Front Bar

  • Concrete Sheer Walls

  • Tables and chairs may be included with rental upon request

Top view of the intricate tile work on the drinking fountain in the Upstairs Bar



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